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 I promise to work for all of you, put aside partisan bickering and do what is right for us.


Responsible Development:

Ensures that the city must have a balanced approach between development and keeping the Kitchener character alive. 


Parks & Off-Leash Dog Parks:  

I will advocate for new community parks, splash parks, off-leash dog parks and increase the dog waste designated containers & trash cans in the area.


Winter Parking Lots & Garages:

I will propose and build temporary or permanent winter-maintained lots during the winter months for the community.


Recreation and Sport:

I will work with the city to build permanent and temporary winter skating rinks. I will advocate for new arenas, community indoor sports activities and swimming pools in the area.


Traffic Calming Neighbourhoods:

I will work with the traffic management team and the city to introduce resident-led traffic calming projects and road safety systems for all road users.



I will work to improve our public transportation system to lower wait time and add new routes so that it works for all of our residents, especially students and people with disabilities.


Older Adult’s Recreation and Social programs:

I will work with the community services team to improve the current social activities and will add new activities like educational lectures, outings etc.


Digital Kitchener:

I will work with the Digital Kitchener Strategy team to make sure everyone can access digital tools and the internet. Expand the free public Wi-Fi footprint and build a smart city which connects and innovates new technologies to improve the lives of Kitchener residents. Increase the presence of smart sensors & cameras to collect real-time data for public safety, security and health.



Visitors and supporters are encouraged to visit this site regularly for more information about my vision for the community, corporate, development, infrastructure and financial services.


Feel free to reach out to me at or call 416-858-6577 to discuss your concerns or provide suggestions on how to improve the well-being, interests and lifestyle of Kitchener residents, particularly Ward 4.


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